Filter Bar

Add a filter bar to the top of the calendar to let visitors refine what events are displayed!

[ecs-list-events design="calendar" filterbar="true"]

Change Filter Order

Use the filterorder option to change what order filters are displayed.

[ecs-list-events design="calendar" filterbar="true" filterorder="country, state, tag, category, venue"]

Hide Filter Options

Omit filter(s) from the filterorder option to remove them from the display completely.

Filters available are:

  • country – Country
  • state – State/Province
  • category – Category
  • venue – Venue
  • tag – Tag
[ecs-list-events design="calendar" filterbar="true" filterorder="category, state"]

Change Filter Titles

Alter the title of any filter with the filterbar-(filter name)-title option (venue, category, state, country, tag).

  • filterbar-country-title – Country
  • filterbar-state-title – State/Province
  • filterbar-category-title – Category
  • filterbar-venue-title – Venue
  • filterbar-tag-title – Tag
[ecs-list-events design="calendar" filterbar="true" filterbar-category-title="My Category Title" filterbar-venue-title="Location" filterbar-tag-title="Event Tag"]

Additional Fields from The Events Calendar PRO

You can filter by any of the Additional Fields you’ve set up for your events! More detail here.

Use With Other Designs

The filter can also be used with the Default, Compact, Columns/Photo, Table and Grouped designs!

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Still have questions? View the detailed documentation or ask us!