Filter Bar

Add a filter bar to the top of the calendar to let visitors refine what events are displayed!

[ecs-list-events design="calendar" filterbar="true"]

Change Filter Order

Use the filterorder option to change what order filters are displayed.

[ecs-list-events design="calendar" filterbar="true" filterorder="country, state, category, venue"]

Hide Filter Options

Omit filter(s) from the filterorder option to remove them from the display completely.

Filters available are:

  • country – Country
  • state – State/Province
  • category – Category
  • venue – Venue
  • tag – Tag
[ecs-list-events design="calendar" filterbar="true" filterorder="category, state"]

Change Filter Titles

Alter the title of any filter with the filterbar-(filter name)-title option (venue, category, state, country).

  • filterbar-country-title – Country
  • filterbar-state-title – State/Province
  • filterbar-category-title – Category
  • filterbar-venue-title – Venue
  • filterbar-tag-title – Tag
[ecs-list-events design="calendar" filterbar="true" filterbar-category-title="My Category Title" filterbar-venue-title="Location" filterbar-tag-title="Event Tag"]

Use With Other Designs

The filter can also be used with the Default, Compact, Columns/Photo, Table and Grouped designs!

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